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Monday, August 29, 2011

Some thoughts about BIM Automation

I sent a text to one of my employees on Saturday.  This morning I asked him why he didn't respond to my text.  He said he did respond, but somehow I didn't get it.

As a test, he sent me a text message saying "Your phone sucks if you can't get my texts".  So I could send him a message back, I was going to tell him I had a Droid X / Android phone.  I thought I'd be clever and just responded that "it's an aPhone."

What better way to differentiate Android vs iOS then to have aPhones versus iPhones.

As I was, a few moments ago, thinking about the conversation, I was thinking about "aPhone" which led me to think about "ACAD", my favorite program AutoCAD.

I think I found a way to get every architect to buy Revit.  Why not just called it AutoBIM?  If so many millions of people bought AutoCAD over the last 28 years because they think it's "Automatic Computer Aided Drafting", which it's not in any way automatic, I think calling Revit 'AutoBIM' will be just the marketing jargon to get every architect to switch to Revit tomorrow.  After all, Revit does actually automate a lot of the grunt work of architecture, which confuses me as to why so many architects and designers insist that they can do their work faster by drawing lines on a screen rather than modeling a data rich digital building.

Now, it's time to go turn on the "Self" cleaning oven, which really isn't smart enough to know it's dirty and needs to be cleaned.  It should be called a semi-automatic self cleaning oven.

But, that's just the way marketing and product naming goes...and hopefully, someday soon, Seth Godin will write a similar blog post.


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rkitect August 29, 2011 at 8:15 PM  

Revit already has the stigma of being sold as the self designing solution for architects. How many times have you heard a new Revit user complaining to someone about how "*sigh* You mean I can't just have revit do this for me?!" xD

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