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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steps for Identifying Network Issues with Project Photofly #Autodesk #AIA

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The strategy behind Project Photofly is that you use a small application, the Photo Scene Editor, to upload your pictures to our servers in the Autodesk Cloud. Our servers crunch these photos with beefy processors and fancy graphics hardware for several minutes (much less time than if you had run it locally on a typical laptop) and return a 3D photo scene to the Photo Scene Editor. You can then pan, zoom, measure, create a movie, etc. using your 3D photo scene. You can learn more about it at:

Project Photofly 2.1 on Autodesk Labs

A key ingredient to this approach is getting the photographs up to our servers. Most projects have about 20 to 40 photos. Some of you have encountered difficulty in uploading your photos. There are many factors such as internet connectivity, corporate firewalls, anti-virus software that are possible points of failure. With this in mind, Principal Engineer, Stephane Negri, has some steps for those of you who are having trouble uploading photographs:

  1. Exit the Photo Scene Editor.

  2. Edit your Photo Scene Editor preferences file.

    Open the file PSE_PREF.ini located here:

    C:\Users\YOURLOGIN\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Photo Scene Editor
    on Windows 7. It will be in a similar location on other systems.

  3. Add a line in the General area to show console output.


  4. Save

  5. Reopen the Photo Scene Editor.

    You should now have a new black console window opened next to your Photo Scene Editor window with a lot of text printing inside.


  6. Try creating your photo scene again so the photos will be uploaded.

    As soon as you get an error message, send us (labs.photofly@autodesk.com) back a screen shot of the error message and this console window.

  7. To revert back to normal simply delete the PSE_PREF.ini file.

    The Photo Scene Editor will create a new preferences file with default values the next time you run it.

Debugging is alive in the lab.


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