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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unable to Override Imported SketchUp File Material in Revit. RT@RevitClinic

BIM -The Revit Clinic

I want to expand on our previous post here, focusing specifically on a SketchUp® file being imported into a Revit in-place component.  You go through the process, but you are unable to override the Object Style > Imported Objects > Material.

It may not be immediately obvious in Revit, but if the SketchUp material [in use] has a texture image applied the Revit Object Style > Imported Objects > Material typically will not display.  A painted solid color material should display by default from SketchUp > Revit.  However a painted material using a texture image will not display in Revit:



If you run into geometry you cannot override in Revit, open the SketchUp file and check for materials in use which utilize texture images.  You can save a copy of the file, and delete the materials in the file leaving only the default.


Then in Revit if you re-import the file you should be able to override materials to each layer as expected.



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