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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yesterday's "BIG" Autodesk Design Announcement details - AutoCAD for MAC 2012

I hate social media.  What do we have now?  Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and a million other ways for you to get overwhelmed with information.

I had a feeling when Autodesk decided to have a special announcement and used Facebook as the platform, that it wouldn't be earth shattering news. 

What was the big news?  AutoCAD for MAC 2012 is being released.  Also, AutoCAD LT for Mac.  Like we need another LT product out there?  Isn't it great when mother's eat their offspring?  Where's Revit for the Mac????? 

Lastly, and I think this one is cool, is AutoCAD WS for the Mac.  That's useful for people to view and edit drawings.  I think it's neat that a lot of iPad apps can be ported over to the Mac. 

Almost forgot.  AutoCAD for Mac can now be installed as a network license. 

That is the end of this annoucement and you can return to your regularly scheduled 3D, coordinated, integrated, filled with information Revit models. I apologize if you wasted any time yesterday watching the live presentation.  Have you ever recorded a football game on your Tivo and used the 30 second forward hack to watch the game later? Four hours compressed into less than one.  What a time saver....just like BIM!


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