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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autodesk Cloud Rendering - Best New Feature

Remember Accurender?  It wasn't the greatest rendering engine, but the one cool feature it had was panoramic renderings.  That meant you could make a 360 degree rendering.

Guess what???? The Autodesk Cloud Rendering engine can do panoramic renderings, but this time, with awesome quality.

Of course, you need to be a Building Design Suite customer to get this cloud based tool.

Here's the deal.  If you have any Autodesk 2012 product, you can migrate to Building Design Suite Premium for $1495.  Let's do the math.  Let's say it takes you 30 minutes to do a rendering and you make $50,000/year.  $50k/2080 hours/year is $24.04 per hour.  Each rendering then costs you $12.00 in time.
$1495/12 is 125 renderings of saved time.  Yes, that's a lot of renderings.  But, if you bill at $75/hour, that's $75/30 minutes is $37.50 per rendering.  $1495/$37.50 is equal to 40 renderings.

So, what if you could bill your client for an hour per rendering and you produce 20 renderings, it pays for itself.  Of course, Building Design Suite Premium is $250 more than Revit Architecture Suite subscription.  After your initial investment of $1495, that $250/year to do almost instant renderings and not need to buy high end workstations is pretty obvious.

$250/$37.50/rendering means that 6.6 renderings of your billable time makes it pay for itself.

The big bonus is that you don't need to buy a $2000 computer.  Call me and I'll help you get your Revit licenses upgraded.
then $1495


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