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Friday, September 9, 2011

BIM and Compatibility FAIL

Something happened yesterday that made me feel like an architect.

We've been using the same printer for about 10 years for all of our literature, business cards and stationary.  My office manager called me to tell me that they couldn't open the files.  I made some new business card templates (yeah, we're hiring) and made them in Adobe InDesign CS5.  That program has been out for over a year now.

Well, apparently, our printer is using CS3.  Does it matter that CS4 came out in September ofme 2008, 3 years ago and that CS 5 came out a year ago?  They can't open the templates and now I have to open up each card and try to figure out how to export it so they can open it in several year old software.

Wouldn't you think that a printing company would have the latest software so they can open their clients' files?  Wouldn't you think they'd try to do something so as to not create extra work for their customers?

So, I fired them, the same way you should fire your consultants who make you do extra work, waste your time and cost you money because they're too cheap or stupid to realize that we're all in this together and all of our time is valuable.

Now, I have to waste my time going to find a new printer for the next 10 years.  So, when you brag about how you're still using AutoCAD R14 and how little work you have now, consider that you stopped getting hired because you're not investing in newer technology that can be more compatible with your customers and consultants.

It kills me that I have to go through the same thing you go through every day with consultants who refuse to upgrade their software to make your job easier.

I hope we've all learned something here today and how this sort of thing will greatly affect your future ability to stay in business and be competitive.

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Anonymous,  September 9, 2011 at 11:48 AM  

Honestly, despite all my complaining about Autodesk's pricing and licensing policies, I have to say I completely agree with you. I love the fact that Revit is not backwards compatible, and that we as the architects are in the position to mandate that the current version is always in use.

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