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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Callouts Change when Adjusting a Crop Boundary RT @RevitClinic

You may have noticed before that sometimes when you change the crop boundary in a particular view, suddenly your callouts change:


So what causes this to happen?

Typically, once a section is created, any adjustments made to it will be limited to that view - changes in the way the marker is displayed are limited to the view in which those changes are made. With Levels and Grids, it's easy to see how this works, with the 2D and 3D controls. With Sections it's not always as obvious, and if a section doesn't have view specific extents, it will look to parallel views with the same boundary. If Revit finds a view with a perfect match, it will borrow the view specific settings from that view. Changing the size of the crop region means that the sections that do not have view specific extents in the view can no longer find a perfect match so they display according the extents of the section.



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