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Saturday, September 17, 2011

ElumTools - Release Candidate 1! - World's greatest #Revit plugin for photometrics

ElumTools Release Candidate 1 is now available! That’s right, ‘release candidate’J. The scheduled release date for ElumTools is Sep. 21st. Click here for pricing information: http://www.elumtools.com/index.php?id=113 . This is your last opportunity to evaluate/test the product before it is available to the public!

Download and Installation Information:

· IMPORTANT: If you have a previous version of ElumTools installed, please uninstall it before downloading this version!

· Click here to download the setup file: http://downloads.agi32.com/catalog/lai_download.php?action=displaylist&productID=30&version=2012&rev=0&beta=1

· Please use the same email address this message was sent to (the one you used to register for the Beta)

· After downloading, double-click on the setup file to install


· The version needs to be licensed (registered) in order to work

· If you are currently using a beta, you will have to re-register once the beta expires

· After installing ElumTools, start Revit and either; open a project or start a new project

· On the ElumTools tab, click Activate License

· In the Installation and Licensing Manager (ILM), click Temporary/EDU License

· Click Request Temporary License Key, enter your email address (the same address this email was sent to), click Submit. An email will be sent to you containing the license key

· Once you receive the email, copy and paste the license key into the License Key field and click Activate

· RC1 expires on 20-SEP-11


  • Please report all issues encountered as soon as possible. Please be as detailed as possible (e.g. steps to reproduce problem, screen capture, etc.)

· If the problem is file specific, it may be necessary to email us the Revit File and/or Fixture Family. If the file is too large to email, you can attach it to a Support Report (click on the following link):


  • All content is treated as confidential and will only be used for troubleshooting. However, if we need to sign a company NDA, please let us know
  • When reporting issues, please report one issue per email instead of reporting multiple issues in one email. This helps us with tracking
  • Direct all correspondence in regards to the Beta to beta@elumtools.com
  • Please, no phone calls (we will call you if necessary)


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