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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There's no reason....stop being unreasonable! #BIM

"There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."
Kenneth Harry Olsen (February 20, 1926[2] — February 6, 2011[3]) was an American engineer who co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1957 
One of the greatest things about technology is the fact that we have no idea what the future holds for us.  It seems that on a daily basis, some new technology comes out that changes our world, our workflow, our processes and how we use our time.
I just put the finishing touches on a spreadsheet that I've been playing with for the past month.  Essentially, I tied four separate databases together that have three drop down boxes that dispay all sorts of information and calculations that will save countless hours for each of my employees.  

It's a 12MB Excel  file that taught me something very interesting.  Did you know that Google Spreadsheets has a 400,000 cell limit?  Well, that's the error message I saw after trying to upload my little spreadsheet.

As I was driving home tonight, I started to wonder about what if I had tried to create this same spreadsheet 1, 2, 5 or 10 years ago with older and slower computers.  Imagine how much time we wasted waiting for spreadsheets, documents and drawings to process, redraw and recalculate.  The speed of today's computers is just so astounding as to what we can do with them and how much more productive we can be.  

But, are we getting more done today than ever before?  Are we more productive?  Are we more efficient?  

Do you invest in new hardware and software or do you look at it all as an expense and "are doing just fine with your current setup".  

So, I guess if there's no reason for an individual to have a computer in his home, then there certainly isn't a reason to have a laptop, office computer, home computer, iPad and iPhone with multiple broadband and 3G connections.  

I guess you'll want to be careful about any architect that tells you that there's no reason for any firm to have Revit instaled on their computers.  I guess that history tells us that many have been wrong before and which side of history will you stand on?

Now, for those of you left still reading this, here's my latest madness of an Excel formula.

 =IFERROR(R$1&R8&"  "&S8&"  "&AF$1&AF8&"/"&AG8&CHAR(13)&AB$1&AB8&" "&T$1&T8&" ^"&T8-AB8&IF(W8<>"","  "&W$1&W8,"")&" ct:"&AF8+AB8&CHAR(13)&IF(AC8<>"",AC$1&AC8,"")&IF(V8<>"",V$1&V8&" ^"&V8-AC8,"")&IF(X8<>"","  "&X$1&X8,"")&IF(V8<>""," ct:"&V8+AF8,"")&CHAR(13)&N8&" < "&E8&" / "&F8&CHAR(13)&"3.9 {"&ROUND((0.039/12*((AF8*3)+T8))/(1-((1+(0.039/12))^-36)),2)&"} $"&(T8+(AF8*3))&IF(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))<T8," Ca: {"&ROUND((0.039/12*((AF8*3)+IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))))/(1-((1+(0.039/12))^-36)),2)&"} $"&(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*3)),"")&" [.4~"&ROUND(AF8/(T8+(AF8*3)),2)&"/"&ROUND(AF8/(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*3)),2)&CHAR(13)&"2.9 {"&ROUND((0.029/12*((AF8*2)+T8))/(1-((1+(0.029/12))^-24)),2)&"} $"&(T8+(AF8*2))&IF(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))<T8," Ca: {"&ROUND((0.029/12*((AF8*2)+IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))))/(1-((1+(0.029/12))^-24)),2)&"} $"&(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*2)),"")&" [.4~"&ROUND(AF8/(T8+(AF8*2)),2)&"/"&ROUND(AF8/(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*2)),2)&CHAR(13)&"0% {"&ROUND((0.0000001/12*((AF8*1)+T8))/(1-((1+(0.0000001/12))^-12)),2)&"} $"&(T8+(AF8*1))&IF(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))<T8," Ca: {"&ROUND((0.0000001/12*((AF8*1)+IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))))/(1-((1+(0.0000001/12))^-12)),2)&"} $"&(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*1)),"")&" [.4~"&ROUND(AF8/(T8+(AF8*1)),2)&"/"&ROUND(AF8/(IF(IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),"")="",T8,IF(VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,1)=$N8,VLOOKUP($N8,$A2:BY5289,12),""))+(AF8*1)),2)&"]","N/A")


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