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Monday, October 17, 2011

Autodesk Seek Marketing Solutions for Revit Content

Here's a little something for the manufacturers in the room. Seek and ye shall find...content.

Autodesk Seek Marketing Solutions

Autodesk Seek Analytics enables building product manufacturers to track how their products are performing


New!Track How Your Products are Performing

Find out how your products are performing through a series of standard activity-summary reports and analytics. Gain valuable insight into how Autodesk® users, as well as visitors who access Autodesk Seek web service on your website, are searching for, viewing, and interacting with your products.


Every Autodesk Seek customer receives monthly Activity Reports that provide a high level overview of how often users search for, view, and download your products. Using these reports, you can:

  • Discover which of your products are most popular by page view and download
  • Generate side-by-side performance comparisons of your products, sorted by industry category
  • Track customer engagement with your product models
  • Export standard data to a spreadsheet, XML, or PDF
  • Email or print reports


Autodesk Seek Advanced Analytics gives you more flexibility and control as you view and analyze customer activity with your product catalogs.

Autodesk Seek Advanced Analytics helps you:

  • Create custom reports and filters to analyze activity for specific products or groups of products
  • Separately track and compare activity both on Autodesk Seek and your company website, if you are using Autodesk Seek Website Services
  • Compare the activity of different products or product classes across any time period you choose
  • Analyze activity by geographic regions, interactively shifting your focus from as broad as countries to as narrow as zip codes
  • Easily create custom reports and graphs and incorporate them into your presentations
  • Quickly save results and share them with colleagues

Autodesk Seek Analytics enables you to get a quick overview

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