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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autodesk Services & Support - Unable to activate product due to "Error 10: Activation Limit Reached" error


When trying to activate your Autodesk product you receive the following error message:

Activation Limit Reached

You have already activated your product on the maximum number of computers permitted by your license.

If you would like an Autodesk customer service agent to manually review your activation history, please complete a Customer Service Request.

(Error: 10)


As stated in the message, this error indicates that you are attempting to activate your Autodesk product on more computers than is allowed by your license. Stand-alone licenses may be installed and activated on a maximum of two computers; consult your End User License Agreement (EULA) or Home Use License Agreement (Subscription customers only) for details and restrictions.

Try to determine if your license was previously activated without your knowledge. Also, imaging software such as Norton Ghost—sometimes used to copy and deploy Autodesk products over a network—can also copy activation information which will trigger this error message. If you are trying to deploy your Autodesk software to multiple computers on a network, we recommend using the "Create Deployment" functionality in the Autodesk product installer rather than using 3rd-party cloning applications.

If you are installing a Stand-alone Autodesk product on a new machine and the old machine is still functioning, you can opt to transfer a license from one machine to another using either the License Transfer Utility (2010 products and later) or the Portable License Utility (2009 products and older). Please refer to the following solutions for more information on these methods:

How to transfer stand-alone licenses in Autodesk products (video)

What is the Portable License Utility?

If these methods fail or you otherwise require assistance with your activation, you may submit a request for help using the onlineLicense Registration and Activation Assistance Form.


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