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Monday, October 17, 2011

The beginning is near - Project Sauron is about to release some new BIM technology unlike anything the world has seen. Watch this video. #BIM #Revit

"A great flame follows a little spark"
"The beginning is near"

I don't know about you, but this is driving me crazy. It looks like some company has taken Revit and transformed it into a whole new level (or layer) (or lair).
Construction Sequencing...check
Online Collaboration....check
Document Management....check
What else?...check it out below

What is the most critical thing about what we do in the AEC world? Is it about designing the building? Is it about the exterior look? Is it about the room space planning? Is it about the engineering of the building systems? Is it about estimating the cost of the building? Is it about building the building? Is it about the coordination of the subcontractors? Is it about maintaining the building?

Where are the most problems now? At what phase is it most critical to have coordination and information sharing? Who has the most responsibility? Who makes most of the decisions? Whose money is it that pays for it all? Who provides the leadership? Who provides the management? Who controls the information? Who has the most to gain? Who has the most to lose? Who is a risk taker? Who is not the risk taker? Who has the most liability? Who has the most lie-ability? What is the relationship between drafting lines, plumbing lines and line of sight? What about the building site?

Why are we still having the argument over CAD vs BIM. Are we still arguing about typewriters vs computers? Rotary phones vs smart phones? VCRs vs DVRs? Horse and buggies vs cars? Compasses vs GPS? Would you still rather fax something rather than email it? Paper or plastic?

The world has changed. Technology has changed. Technology has changed us. It is time for a change. The beginning is near. It is the end of the past.

When I press the 'Publish Post' button on what I'm writing now, these words instantly become accessible to most of the world. It's like an explosion. Between Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and RSS feeds, from the second I push that button, within seconds, someone in Australia (probably Luke who never sleeps) is reading these words.

This is the power of technology and information. Watching the video below, I know something onederful is coming. No, not wonderful. We've already won. One, as in one shared vision, one team of collaborators, one giant database. It is the BIM borg. The collective.

Project Sauron, whoever or whatever you are. Stop driving me crazy with your technology teases. Release whatever this is into the world. Make that great flame. Make the beginning now, not near. What havoc, chaos or enlightenment will ensue from whatever it is you have created? Is it the holy grail of design and construction? What? Who? Why? When? Where? Will there be more? No matter what, it's wicked cool stuff you've made.

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