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Thursday, October 27, 2011

From the Ground Up: 3D models shows up as holograms

Hi all,

Today we had a visit in the Gothenburg office that was a bit extra ordinary. Some of my colleagues had a visitor from Infinite Z over here.  He was kind enough to let the whole office play around with their "virtual-holographic computing platform" during lunch time.

It was amazing!!  Everyone trying it out, with the glasses, found it to be fantastic.

Here the programmer guy in our office, Peter Rundberg, is checking out the technique.



We could easily move object, turn them around – just "under our nose".  Really pick the items up from the table and explore it from any angle, just as with a real object. It was also possible to place a virtual camera inside the model (in this case a robotic arm) to see the close up of our surgery on a virtual display/frame in the scene. Then we could see a magnification of what we were doing, from a different angle.  I think I need to become a surgeon !!  Blinkar

Anyhow – this interesting technique works with 3D models directly along with Autodesk software that supports XXXXXXXXXXXX 3D graphic displays (OpenGL and Direct X). That could be Showcase etc.   In my personal fantasy I could imagine a future with this for Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler.  Moving around all objects with a pen, spin the house or pipe in any direction.  Who knows…?

This is the "feeling" you get while manipulating the objects.

A colleague, Göran, doing surgery on the robotic arm.


The glasses held over the screen to try and show how "light" they are. No black, plastic, heavy and large "goggles" here…


Sample car model


Robotic hand, with hundreds of small parts and tubes in it.


Read more about this interesting technology here:  http://www.infinitez.com/product

// Ove


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