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Friday, October 14, 2011

New update for Project Storm for Revit Structure now available

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New update for Project Storm for Revit Structure now available

Project Storm for Autodesk Revit Structure is a technology preview that provides cloud-based structural analysis to structural engineers as a part of the BIM process. Results can then be visualized and explored within Revit Structure, but disruptions to design workflows are minimized by performing analysis in the cloud. You can download the update from the Autodesk Labs site.

Project Storm for Revit Structure on Autodesk Labs

Here it is a list of updates for this release of the technology preview:

  1. Calculation Reports can now be generated as PDFs.
    The PDF version of a calculation report can now be downloaded and saved locally. The content of the report is the same as on the website. It contains model views and tables with analysis results. The form of the report is ready to print and attach to a technical documentation.
  2. Calculation Reports have been optimized with content refinement.
    Several issues have been corrected in the content of a calculation report. Moreover a new presentation of linear supports is applied. They are presented as diagrams. Reports are more clear and compact.
  3. Support for material defined as Type Parameter has been added.
    There is no limitation for materials applied to members. Materials can be defined now both as instance or type parameters in models sent for analysis.
  4. Improvements were made for results availability within Revit Structure.
    In some cases it was possible that there were no results in Revit Structure although the analysis was completed.

Updating a technology preview with the speed of a lighting strike is alive in the lab.


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