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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Layer Zero

How about a grassroots effort from every CAD user who's tired of being stuck in the dark.  Why should the 1% of the design industry who's using Revit be able to get all of the projects, work with contractors and get picked for design build projects.  j

It isn't fair that the government will only accept BIM consultants and that owners are demanding BIM from their teams.  Its time that the CAD users stand up (not for too long, after all this is billable time), and demand that your firms move you to Revit.  Why should you be stuck with menial line drawing drafting all day.  Why is it that the Revit users get to model building, create great visualizations and get to do analysis and energy modeling.

Fight for your right to design with freedom.  Automate your lives.  Take back your time.  Tell your bosses if they don't switch to Revit, you'll all go on strike and no more lines will be drawn.

Draw that line...in the sand!


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