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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Photofly FAQ: Can I use video instead of taking pictures

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This is the most frequently asked question. We are working on creating 3D models from video instead of 20 to 40 digital pictures. Since Project Photofly's debut, people have asked about using video to create the models by extracting still images from frames of the video. While this could be done, the problem is the quality of the still frames. Most have compression or tweening that affect the clarity of the image.

We are working on an algorithm that samples frames from video, computes the changes between frames, and constructs a 3D scene. This is a different algorithm and may be included in a future update. If you manually decide to cull frames from video to use as images, remember that less is more. Using about 40 well selected frames is better than submitting a job with hundreds of pictures.

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