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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Photofly FAQ: Will there be a version of the technology preview for the Macintosh?

Because of iPhones, iPads and the elegance of Apple's hardware and software, Apple's market share of computers is growing every second.  Personally, I will never recommend a Windows machine over a Mac ever again.  Even my MacBook AIr, which isn't as powerful as the MacBook Pro, has been handling Parallels, Windows 7, Revit, Design Review and Navisworks like a champ.  It never crashes, turns on in milliseconds and does everything my PC ever did and better.  

So, Scott, please plan on the fact that your Mac customer base is growing and wants Mac toys.

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Project Photofly is only at the technology preview stage. The goal is to perfect the technology of converting 2D digital photographs to 3D models through customer feedback. So all we need to do is pick a platform where the audience is large enough for us to get feedback to guide the technology's development. The number of users on the Windows platform is large enough. Should this technology ever make it as a production web service, then the Mac would be a potential client. For now, it is possible to run the Photo Scene Editor on a Mac using Parallels/Boot Camp.

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