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Friday, October 28, 2011

Revit Architecture Services & Support - Low rise wall displays projection lines when plan view cut plane set below top of wall.


Low rise wall displays with projection line weights even when the cut plane for the Ground Floor Plan view is set below the top of the wall.


If the top of wall is not associated with a level then Revit Architecture displays them as projection line weights regardless of whether the Ground Floor plan view cut plane is set below the top of the wall. To display these projection lines as cut projection lines in the Ground Floor Plan view associate the top of the wall with its own unique level and set the plan view cut plane below the top of the wall as described below.

  1. Create a new level in the Section View in the "Drawing Area" called "Top of Wall" situated at the top of the wall.
  2. Select the low rise walls from the Ground Floor Plan View in the "Drawing Area"
  3. Navigate to the "Constraints" section of the low rise wall properties in the "Properties Palette".

  4. Select and change the "Top Constraint" to "Up to Level: Top of Wall".
  5. Select the "Ground Floor Plan" in the "Project Browser" which acts as the base constraint of the wall.
  6. Navigate to "View Range" and select the "Edit" tab in the "Properties Palette".

  7. Change the "Cut Plane Offset" to a value, which is below the top of the wall in the "View Range" dialogue box.
  8. The low rise wall will now display correctly with the Cut Line weights.


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