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Saturday, November 5, 2011

DeskSMS - Great tech timesaver

Today's post has nothing to do with BIM but it's one of my tech toys that's really cool because it makes a lot better use of your time if you get a lot of text messages.

Here's how it works. You install the DeskSMS app on your phone.
Then you set it up with your Gmail, Google Chat or other chat software.

Here's what's so cool about it. If I get a text message on my phone, it shows up on my computer as a chat message. I can reply from my computer and it will text back the other person to their phone and show up on my phone as part of the SMS conversation.
It shows up in my email as well, so I can reply to the chat from email. I have the plugin for Chrome and Firefox, so I can reply to a text message from my browser.

Also, it keeps the record of your chat conversations so it's an instant backup of information you need. I just installed the Chrome extension and it even shows MMS photos I received on my phone on the Chrome app.

It's so much easier to type responses to text messages on your computer than on an iPhone or aPhone. By the way, it works great with iPad apps like Beejive.

Once you've created your account, you can create a new email to 3055551212@desksms.appspotmail.com and that will send a text message to a phone from your email or chat program.

Here's a link to the Lifehacker article that gives you a lot more information:


DeskSMS lets you text from your phone number via your Gmail, Gtalk, or browser!

Phone not syncing? Try relogging back into the DeskSMS android application.

DESKSMS USERS: Your feedback about pricing has been heard. Though a large number of you prefer a higher, one time price: that is not a viable option for me, as there are significant, recurring, server costs. And though a one time price would be easier for all parties, it is not a financial gamble that I can make. New users will receive a 14 day trial; after which it is $4.99 for a one year license. If you are familiar with my other apps (like ROM Manager, 3+ million downloads), you know that I take pride in my work, and only release quality products and keep them up to date. You can expect the same from DeskSMS, with continual, significant upgrades. Thanks for your comments, feedback, and support. -Koush, ClockworkMod

Issues? Email koush@clockworkmod.com

DeskSMS forwards your text (and MMS!) messages to your GMail, Google Chat, and DeskSMS Chrome extension! And if you reply back, the recipient gets a text from your number!

You can use your favorite IM client (Beejive, Trillian, etc) or email client to send text messages from your phone number!

Download DeskSMS on your phone, and then use your an IM or email client from your PC or tablet to send text messages!

Step 1) Install DeskSMS on your *phone*.
Step 2) Install a chat client or use gmail on your desktop PC or tablet (like a XOOM)
Step 3) Have a friend send you an SMS, and respond from your desktop PC or tablet!

View your conversations on the DeskSMS Website:

DeskSMS Chrome Extension:

DeskSMS Firefox Extension:


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