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Monday, November 28, 2011

Know what I love more than technology? #AU2011

Well, besides my wife and child, not much, but this is cool stuff.

I'm astounding to the limits we've broken with technology.  The fact that I'm 36,368 feet up in the air, going 587 mph and sending this out into the ether is just the most amazing thing.

Let's have some fun. I'm going to speedtest.net.  Let's see how fast the internet connection is. .58 Mpbs?
Ok, still faster than dialup.  I imagine with 8,000 people at AU, the'll crush the system and we'll get the same speed. I read recently that iPads are crushing hotel internet connections.  Always on. Always uploading or downloading.  Too bad that the walls are usually too thick to get a 3G connection.

Remember dialup?  56k modems?  That's .056 mbps.  Most people get between 3 and 12 mbps on their broadband.  On the flight, I have .58 mbps.  If dialup is 56,000, I'm getting 580,000 which is 10 times faster than dialup.  Imagine driving 5.6 miles an hour (dialup) versus 58 miles an hour (wifi on the plane) versus 1200 miles an hour (12 mbps home broadband).  Look how far we've come with technology.  Of course it gets confusing with kbps vs mbps, so I always use the mile/hour analogy, not to dumb it down, but to make it understandable to the masses.

I've always wondered about the people who complain about Revit file sizes.  If you have one RVT file, how many DWGs would you have to have to upload?  If you had 200 sheets and each file was 300kb, that's 20MB of files to upload.  Any idea how long that would take to upload?  I'm sure many of you remember.  It was easier to overnight an Iomega Zip drive disc.  Wasn't that confusing? Zip drives and zip files?  Blocks, families, what's the difference.  Information about information transmitting and storage mediums.  We've come so long so fast.  Well, some of us have.

I look to my right and there's a guy writing by hand on a notepad and his wife reading a book on an iPad.  That just about sums it up.

Ha.  He just ran out of ink.  Darned old technology.  Just kidding.  I guess he could carry a spare pen. That would sure be easier than all the crap we have to carry with us to keep our batteries alive.

What is the answer?  Old technology? New technology?  What did they do before paper was invented?  That's so 80s....80 BC.

Here's a thought.  Those same people who have to always be connected, use software that doesn't allow them to connect to others in the design of a project.  How hypocritical is that?  Very!

Information, connectivity, portability, information.  It's not the software.  It's not the hardware. It's not the people.  It's all of it.  It's like a lasagna.  Layers, ingredients and a recipe, but needing people to put it all together.  Yup.  That's cooking with BIM.


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