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Sunday, November 27, 2011

When? Does it matter? Architectards.

Do you buy emergency supplies before or after the storm?
Do you have insurance for your house?
Do you buy ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner before or after the guests arrive?

Are you proactive or reactive?
Do you think it doesn't matter?
Do you think there's ever a chance to catch up?

I still don't get it about all of the people who don't use BIM.  I'm not even talking about Revit.  Do you use technology to make more decisions earlier in the process?  Do you share information with your team?  Ever done a little extra work, even if you're not getting paid for it, to make it easier for the next guy?

The software doesn't matter.  It's just a tool to get to where you need to go, but faster.

I like to ask architechtards (can I say that here?  My wife will hate that word) if they prefer the Maxell or TDK brand tapes for their VCR.  Anyone still using a VCR, besides your grandmother?

Note.  I started with techtard, which was already in existence, but changed it to architectard, which, shockingly, does not show up on Google....update...actually, there are 173 hits, but mostly in chinese.  Hope I still get partial credit.

What shall the definition be of architectard?  Anyone not using Revit/BIM?  Technically challenged?  Someone who refused to embrace new technology?

Darn it. Someone beat me to a new word invention.

1.techtard58 up8 down
A contraction of "Technological Retard"
Technological + Retard = Techtard

1. Someone who is so "technologically challenged" that they shouldn't be allowed within a 10 mile radius of anything electronic.

2. Someone who often misinterprets/gets confused with IT Support's suggestions/advice. Most Helpdesk operators would rather watch paint dry than talk to these users.

See techtarded
Argh! I can't stand it! Someone else take this call... 2 hours and this techtard still can't figure out how to open his web browser!
A computer illiterate who thinks that they are an expert, but is mistaken.
Usually found prowling IT support forums, spouting hundreds of irrelevant and obvious questions and answers, and usually burying the actual answer under mountains of nonsense posts.
They are also usually found near totally destroyed electronic devices, which had previously had only relatively minor problems.

A computer literate who is an expert in a limited number of fields, but attempts to cover this huge gap in their knowledge. They will usually avoiding questions outside of these fields by unhelpfully suggesting that people move their entire operation to their field of expertise instead.


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