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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Autodesk Rendering Cloud - Extended

Autodesk is extending their rendering cloud to trial users. Don't know why, but what the heck.

Thank you for using Autodesk Cloud rendering! We hope you are enjoying your trial and encourage you to provide your feedback, thoughts and suggestions athttp://feedback.autodesk.com/cloudservices.

The trial you are currently using was made available—for a limited period of time—as a token of appreciation to those who tested Project Neon on Autodesk Labs. This exclusive trial ends December 31, 2011. However, because we are so pleased with the feedback we continue to receive from users like you, Autodesk has decided to offer a new trial! The new trial -- which will be open to anyone beginning January 3, 2012 -- offers 15 cloud units at no cost.*

How The New Trial Works

· You can continue to access Autodesk® Cloud rendering athttp://rendering.cloud.autodesk.com. To sign in, simply use the same user ID and password you're currently using. If you’ve installed the Revit® plug-in, you can access cloud-based rendering through your Revit software.

· On January 3, the number of cloud units available to you will re-set to 15. Any unused cloud units from your previous trial will expire and will no longer be available.

· With the new trial, you may use up to 15 cloud units at no cost. There is currently no expiration date for the 15 cloud units allotted through the new trial; however, Autodesk reserves the right to terminate or modify the trial at any time.

· You can track the number of cloud units you use by signing in to your account at https://accounts.autodesk.com

· After you have used your 15 cloud units, you may continue to sign in, access and download any renderings you have already produced.

When you have completed the trial and consumed all of your 15 cloud units, you can maintain continued service by subscribing to the premium or ultimate edition of Autodesk Design Suite or Autodesk Building Design Suite. For more information about Subscription and the new Autodesk® Cloud benefits available, please visit www.autodesk.com/cloud.

If you already subscribe to a qualifying suite, simply sign in to your Autodesk account from within your AutoCAD® 2012 or Revit® 2012 software. If your software is properly registered and activated, your account will instantly reflect your entitlement, and you will be able to continue using Autodesk® Cloud rendering for the duration of your Subscription term, with a maximum of 100 cloud units per seat on Subscription, per year.**

Thank you for trying Autodesk Cloud rendering! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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