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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Autodesk - Services & Support - How to download Advantage Packs from Subscription Center

..or for the DisAdvantage packs, just download AutoCAD 14...


You are a Subscription customer and need to download Advantage Packs for your Autodesk software.


Autodesk product upgrades, also known as Subscription Advantage Packs, give you early access to the very latest in Autodesk software technology.

Contract Managers, Software Coordinators and Users who have been granted access to Product Extensions, can download these Advantage Packs directly from Subscription Center.

Note: If you are not sure whether you have access to Product Extensions, we recommend you contact your Contract Managerwho can provide you with the correct access to these Subscription Benefits.

To download your subscription Advantage Pack:

  1. Log into Subscription Center and click on Downloads.

  1. Cick on Product Enhancements.

  1. Here, you will see the full list of Advantage Packs that are available to download for the Autodesk products you have licensed.  Sort the list by title, type, or release date by clicking on the column headers.  Click the item you wish to download.

  1. Here, you will see a full description, important documents and the download link for the product enhancement.  We recommend you carefully read through this documentation before downloading.  When you are ready, simply click the appropriate version to begin your download immediately.

Note: Advantage Packs do not interfere with preexisting commands or file format, nor do they change the way the software works with third-party add-on applications or user scripts and routines.


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