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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Autodesk Subscription Resources and Features

Ok, now I'm getting creeped out.  What's in it for me?  How long can I post Autodesk items without getting anything in return?  Now that I'm an Autodesk customer, can anyone recommend a reseller to me?  Very few salespeople knew BIM, Revit and every nuance of the pricing like I did.  I'm in such a strange place.  I know, maybe Autodesk will make me a direct account.  That's about my only viable solution.  That, or buy the software from one of the lovely know nothing online resellers that have popped up with their bragging about being tax free.  

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You are a Subscription customer and want to discover the features and resources available to you under subscription.

Product Upgrades

From time to time, Autodesk may release product upgrade (Advantage Packs) to Autodesk software. An upgrade does not interfere with preexisting commands or file formats. Product upgrades do not change the way the software works with third-party add-on applications or user scripts and routines. Compatibility is maintained between users on the same product or version even when using different product upgrades.

Downloading product upgrades in Subscription Center

Welcome to the Cloud!

Autodesk Subscription now provides a greater advantage with AutodeskCloud capabilities that can help you increase mobility, improve collaboration, and optimize your designs—advancing the way you work. And with a Subscription plan, you will also immediately triple your default Cloud storage to 3GB per user. For a look at what's being said and done with Autodesk Cloud, join our thriving Cloud Community!

Flexible Licensing

Use previous and current versions of your software, install the software on both home and office computers, and use it at multiple locations, with flexible licensing privileges designed to work the way you do..


JeromePineau December 9, 2011 at 3:19 AM  

Hi Gregory, for a list of our resellers please visit autodesk.com/resellers.

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