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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Cloud

I was just reading Seth Godin's latest blog post about trustiness. Guess what the first thing was that popped into my head? Yup, clouds.

No, not the Internet cloud, but rather all of the clouds you put on your drawings. In regard to trustiness, I got to thinking that there should be different cloud symbols, colors or line patterns.
Owner related changes should look different than design changes made by the architect and there should be a very different look for clouds made as a result of errors, clashes or omissions on the drawings.

That way everyone can see the level of trustiness on your drawings. The more error clouds there are on your drawings, the less trustworthy you appear to be.

How about different numbering systems so we can keep track of the problems on your drawings. That way you can be ranked by potential clients as well. Fewer mistakes, more work. As long as we're at it, lets have a little system to show how many times you've had to reprint drawings. As long as you say you're into sustainability, you should be reduce the number of trees you kill every day.

I trust you'll like these ideas, especially if your a BIM firm that does it right the first time, like my company. Nothing like a lot of QA/QC and a staff that makes sure not to cause problems for others downstream.


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