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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Does it matter? Yes. Do you matter? Maybe, but it's your choice.

I just finished my first full week at my new home.  It's not a company, it's not a factory and it's not a place where people work.  It's an idea and thought provoking garden where people are inspired to create, think and explore.

It's also the only company I've seen in a long time where everyone is too busy and nobody has enough time in their day because there are too many projects and clients.  It's the opposite of everything I've seen and known for the last 7 years as a reseller.  Reseller.  The root word from that is seller.  Well, that's Autodesk.  What are they selling?  Promises? Hope?  Desire?  Hard work?  Problems? Errors?....or are they selling information, a vision, a path or something evil.

Well, it's different for everyone.  So, was I reselling what they were selling?  Do they actually sell anything if they have resellers?  Do you buy into their story and marketing?  Do you need to buy anything?  People buy when the want or need something.  They don't buy just because they're told to or there's a special promotion offering 20% off.  If you haven't upgraded your software in four years, a discount isn't going to compel you to buy something now, unless you're forced into it.

You have no idea how many 'BIM Dilemmas' I face every day now.  Instead of worrying about what Autodesk thinks about what I write, I now worry about what my boss, Cindy, thinks about what I write.  She's given me carte blanche to do what I do.  Do we even know the words we speak?  Carte Blanche?  Do you even know what that means?  I just googled it.

We repeat so many things that we hear, we have no idea what they mean, kind of like being a reseller and repeating what the Autodesk marketing gurus and guerrillas tell us to say.  I did in the beginning repeat the words, but that was until I figured out on my own what was real and not real.  That's went I went off the path and discovered my passion for Revit and BIM and everything that wasn't AutoCAD.

Oh yeah...Carte Blanche....

Having free rein to choose whatever course of action you want.
From the French, meaning 'white (or blank) paper' - the military term for surrender. The term was previously 'charte blanche'.
It is first recorded by Raby in 1707 (reprinted in the Hearne Collection, 1886):
"Who sent Chart Blanch to make a Peace."
Soon after that we have a citation that gives a clearer understanding of the meaning - from Joseph Addison in The Spectator, 1712:
"I threw her a Charte Blanche, as our News Papers call it, desiring her to write upon it her own Terms."
The term carte blanche has also been adopted in the sphere of the Gothic/romantic novel, where it has a specific meaning, that of an offer by a man to a woman to become his mistress. This meaning presumably relies on the notion that the woman would have the option of spending freely at the man's expense.

Funny thing about Carte Blanche.  It means blank piece of paper.  What does every architect start with at the beginning of every project? Yup, a blank piece of paper.  It also referes to blank check, something that some people think that have when designing a project and creating so many errors and omissions that they cost the their client 10, 20 or 30% overage in change orders.

Well, you may have a blank piece of paper, but you don't have a blank check.  If you did have a blank check, of course you'd buy new computers, upgrade your software, pay for training and hire the best BIM people in the world to work with you.

It's funny how that blank piece of paper seals your fate like you seal your drawings.  Whatever you put on that blank piece of paper sends you down one path or another.  You start with nothing and either end up with nothing or end up with something wonderful.

I'm sorry because this post was supposed to be about something completely different.  I guess I'll have to leave that idea for another post.  Just know for the moment, I've never been happier and ask yourself if you're happy.  Are you fulfilled?  Do you love what you do?  Does your boss give you the freedom to think and be creative? If the answer is no, what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to keep letting your boss crush your spirit?  Are you going to sit quietly and let them make the wrong choices?  Are you going to let them tell you to figure out BIM on your own and not pay for training? Or, are you going to join the BIM Union and go on strike until all of our voices are heard.  Just a little something to think about.


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David Leonard December 10, 2011 at 1:28 PM  

What are your thoughts on #BIM for Landscape Architects. My research indicates that LANDCADD is the best solution, but should I use it with Revit or Civil 3D? Good to hear you have freedom to do what you want. We promote free thinking at our firm and that goes a long way in our client relations and our designs.

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