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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Interior Elevations and Large Coordinates in the Project - RT @RevitClinic

BIM -The Revit Clinic

Let's look at a quick troubleshooting scenario around interior elevations, which appear distorted.

You have an interior elevation of a room which looks like this in 3D:


However the interior elevation is displaying the cabinets as transparent:


This type of display inconsistency is often related to large coordinates in the model.

Once the distance range passes outside the 20 mile "box" you could potentially run into this behavior.


Revit 20 mile origin limit for imported and model geometry

Walls which appear transparent, or are displaying elements behind them, is often the same underlying issue.

The process below should help better determine if a stray element is creating large coordinates in the model:

1. Open a 3D View > Enable every Visibility \ Graphic Overrides Category for all Disciplines
2. Set the View Phase Filter to None
3. Verify all Worksets are visible in the 3D View
4. Reveal Hidden Elements
5. Set Discipline > Coordination
6. Zoom to Fit

If the view appears blank on zoom this indicates there are 2 or more elements a far distance from each other.

For example, the model may be in one location where a stray plumbing fixture was inadvertently moved further away, causing coordinates well over 20 miles.  Cross select portions of the view to see if any stray elements are selected.

Hopefully, if you can isolate and delete the element [or correct the location] the interior elevation appearance should return to an expected state.



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