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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lunch and Learn Sex

I feel so violated. Having been on the other side of this equation, it's another BIM Dilemma I face and this is so much worse than losing your BIM virginity. What am I talking about? Deep breath.

This is for all the pig men out there. What's your number? How many dates do you have to go on with a girl before you think she should make out or sleep with you? How has it come to the fact that you put an economic value on sex? After all, when you're married, there the mortgage, car payments, insurance, food, medical expenses, clothing (and if your chime is like mine, there's iPads, MacBook Airs, Bluetooth devices, storage devices, software and charging peripherals). That's still no guarantee that your wife will sleep with you. Go figure.

Anyway, the Lunch and Learn. We have one today. It includes USGBC credits. I can't pass up an hour towards my 30 CMPs. A vendor comes into our office, gives us a free lunch, shows us a PowerPoint presentation, talks for an hour and then what?

Are we obligated to spec their product? What happens if we don't? Will we ever see them again? What kind of relationship will we have with them? How many free lunch and learns do they have to give us before we use their product and put them between our sheets (blueprint sheets silly)? What is expected of us?

After all, we just want to use them and get them to give it up for free. Spec writing, product samples, ideas, lunch, information...I feel so dirty now. You have no idea how many lunch and learns I've given, not realizing that you were just using me and never wanted to see me again. Every time I walk into your conference room and see all of those binders, I'm reminded that I'm just another sandwich, slice of pizza or cookie to you. You don't care about me, you just want to get into my pizza.

How has it come to this? You always want it for free...information, etc. what happens when you actually have to pay for it? Will you when you can get it for free from someone else? I Ned a shower now....I also have to go and send the marketing manager an email that I'll be attending today's lunch and learn and tell my wife I don't need to bring lunch to the office. Even my dishes feel dirty now.


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