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Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is your problem?

As I move forward in the next chapter of my life, there are a whole new set of goals, things to learn and problems to solve.

I want to talk about problems for a moment. I can't tell you how many times while discussing people's jobs, workflow, process or responsibility that they said that (pick any topic or item) it wasn't their problem.

I think inherent in so many industries, not just ours, are people who want to do as little as possible in their job or don't want to do anything extra to make it easier for people downstream.  Or, they just don't have the budget to get the job done properly.  Lastly, they just run out of time and don't do everything they were required to do.

All of these items lead them to problems, delays, costs, anger, resentment, loss of future work and waste a lot of people's time.  So, the next time you say, "it's not my problem" or "it's someone else's problem", make a mental note that those of us in the BIM world are the ones that are eliminating those problems in the first place and solving the problems that the CAD folk create.  What are you doing to make other people's jobs easier?  What are you doing to streamline the planning, workflow, process or project?

Are you the problem or the solution?  Who do you think your clients are going to hire?  Do you really think you can get away with continuing to be the problem or cause the problem.  There's always a price to pay.  There's a cost to everything we do.

Are you giving it your all?  Are you putting in extra effort or just getting by?  Do you think no one will notice?  Well, people do.  What I found inspirational today at my new company was their desire to always over perform.  I've never seen that before in a company where every single person was motivated to do the right thing, go the extra mile and have a level of quality that is unsurpassed.  I was so proud to be a part of a team that outshines everyone around them.

Cindy, you've created something special.  Thank you for your passion, drive, leadership and excellence.

What is your problem? It's always someone else's problem.


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