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Monday, February 28, 2011

Man builds machine to push phone buttons from half a world away (video)

Now, when you outsource your drafting or modeling to another country, which you shouldn't be doing, consider that there's not even a person on the other end.

Now, we finally have the technology to do "Auto" CAD.  No more ManualCAD for you.

Link: http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/27/man-builds-machine-to-push-phone-buttons-from-half-a-world-away/
 by Sean Hollister

...Called the Caduceus, it's a telepresence machine that does just one thing -- it controls every single button on each of those three phones with a series of servo motors and actuator cables, and moves a pendulum-like webcam so he can clearly see each screen from wherever he happens to be. .
See the video: Man builds machine to push phone buttons from half a world away (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 27 Feb 2011 11:18:00 EDT


Seth's Blog: Wonder and anger .... and the world of #BIM

As usual, Seth Godin provides more insight into BIM.  I know he doesn't do it on purpose, it's just amazing that his words are so far reaching.

Generosity...of information
Creativity...of the design process
Connection...as in collaborating with the ENTIRE team

Link: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/02/wonder-and-anger.html

Great innovations, powerful interactions and real art are often produced by someone in a state of wonder. Looking around with stars in your eyes and amazement at the tools that are available to you can inspire generosity and creativity and connection.
Read the entire post:  Wonder and anger

Thank you Google!!! Revit3D.com made the list.

I was messing around on my iPad very early this morning, opened Safari, and opened up my Google Reader feeds. While there, I saw a feature called 'Reccomendations'. Basically, on the discover page, there are 449 feeds by categories recommended by Google on just about every topic you can think of.

Here's the link, if you want to take a look, http://www.google.com/reader/view/?hl=en#directory-page/0. Imagine my surprise to see they actually had a category for Revit. Feeling like an Oscar nominee, I decided to expand the category and see what feeds Google could possible have come up with. I was shocked. There it was in big letters, "REVIT3D.COM Join the Revitlution" in the middle of the group. I can't tell you how happy that made me. I'd like to thank the aCADemy.....

I guess all of my hard work has been paying off. I really feel like I've been slacking on the blog lately, and I have two big back to back trips over the next two weeks, so I hope I can keep up with the posts.

Take a look at the picture below.  Notice how Revit is nestled between Religion and Robotics.  I don't mean to get metaphysical, but that's a pretty cool thing.  You've seen me talking about robotics in construction before and using Revit can be a religious experience.  If you're not religious, at least you won't be saying "damn it" like you always do in CAD.

Link: Google Reader (1000+)

Me and my special group of friends:

6 feeds
Revit OpEd
revit in plain english
REVIT3D.COM Join the Revitlution *
Revit JobCaptain - BIM-Revit Software Consulting-Revit Training-Implementation


Friday, February 25, 2011

Comment on Architects Billing Index comments. ABI vs RBI

Thanks to Randy Deutsch, famous BIM guru and soon to be internationally published author for his thoughts below.  I thought I'd share them with you since most people never see blog comments.  

randydeutsch,  February 24, 2011 7:32 AM  

Wow. I turn my back for a few minutes and there's 6 new posts! You've been hustling, Gregory. And you even announced the AutoCAD WS app update faster than the time it took for the update to pop up on my iPhone. Smokin'!

Interesting take on the billing index. Here's what I'm seeing: most architects are unable to leverage more fee for working in BIM. This is for 2 reasons: BIM's use is still not always driven by the owner. This leads to the 2nd reason: owners need to be informed and convinced of BIM's many benefits. I know you are daily doing your part on this front - we all need to.

I am also not seeing projects taking considerably less time to produce for teams working in BIM. This is probably due to architects not always knowing what level of detail is desirable vs. necessary to produce the model and documents, and the general law of nature that we will fill in whatever time we are given (an architect, like nature, abhors a vacuum.) This will change with greater comfort and familiarity with the tools and process - its coming soon, just not quite there yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

#AutoCAD WS Updated - With Multi-language support, Layouts and more

Feb 24, 2011
Spring is coming and we're delighted to announce the
latest version of AutoCAD WS

AutoCAD WS 1.2
This important release expands AutoCAD WS with localization of both the web and mobile app into eight languages, as well as comprehensive support for layouts.

Available on the
App Store
Download Now

For the first time, users will be able to access AutoCAD WS in a language other than English. We recognize that CAD users are part of a global community and now you will be able to choose to work in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

The mobile app has been translated from menus to the Help files. The web app also supports these languages.

With AutoCAD WS 1.2 we have added support for layouts. Now you can easily switch views from model space to paper space to see all your plot information as it would appear on a printed sheet.

Auto CAD WS 1.2 nоw suppоrts DWG files that were generated by Autodesk ® Inventor ®.
Snap Preview
The Snap Preview function displays a magnified version of the area directly under your finger. This enables you to be more precise than ever before when dragging and snapping lines in your drawing.
Copy Tool
Now you can duplicate one or more objects.
Brush Tool
We have improved the free line tool with AutoCAD WS 1.2 making it more responsive and providing a number of brush widths.
Feet and Inches
AutoCAD WS 1.2 is now able to display Imperial units exactly as they are meant to be seen in feet and inches.
For more information about the improvements in AutoCAD WS 1.2 read the tutorial here.
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