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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween (with a little technology)

I never considered myself much of a pumpkin carver, but with a little technology, I was able to take a little technology and work some magic.

You see, I did a google search on my iPad for "Pumkin Carvings" and searched for images.  After a minute or two, I came across the photo above.  I maximized the image on my iPad's screen and started tracing the shape with a small screwdriver on our pumpkin, while having the iPad sitting right next to the pumpkin.

30 minutes later, I came up with my own little creation below.  With a little LED light with a small slice of pumpkin over it, my creation was complete.  Hopefully, you can use the same magic with your children tonight and impress the heck out of them.  You artistic types out there in the audience will surely be able to do a much better job than I did, so start searching for those pumpkin heads.  


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Revit Architecture Services & Support - How to prepare your system before installing Autodesk software

Just like preparing for major surgery.  


You have just purchased an Autodesk software license and want to install and use your product to imagine, design and create a better world.


Installing your Autodesk software consists of the three main steps shown in the diagram below.  This guide will take you through the first step of Preparing your system before beginning the installation process.

Although the images show AutoCAD 2012 as an example, the concepts and procedures apply to all Autodesk 2012 products.

Before you begin your installation, it is important that you first prepare your system. Preparing your system is essential to a smooth and successful installation of your Autodesk product and consists of five simple tasks.  Click on the tasks below for further explanation.

Check System Requirements

Before purchasing an Autodesk software license you should always confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for that product.  This includes minimum RAM, minimum free disk space and supported operating systems.  You can check the system requirements for all Autodesk products by visiting Autodesk System Requirements Services & Support.

Get Administrator Permissions

The next step in preparing your system for installation is to confirm that you have administrative rights on your computer.  You can check this for most Windows systems by clicking Manage User Accounts from the User Accounts file in Control Panel. If you have any questions about this you should contact your system administrator.

Install System Updates and Exit Applications

Install all system updates and restart your computer so your installation is not interrupted by any automatic operating system update notifications. Also, make sure to exit all applications that may be running on your system. Some applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, can interfere with the installation process so it is a good idea to close all other running applications.

Download Software or Insert Media

To launch the main installation screen, you must first download your software (for digital products) or insert the physical media you received (for boxed products) into your computer and then click on the Autodesk setup executable file.

  • The executable file will have the extension ".exe" and will usually include the Autodesk product name and version in the title.
  • Physical media may come on a DVD/CD or a USB drive. Simply insert this into your computer and click on the executable file mentioned above.

Review Documentation

Once you have launched the Autodesk product installer (by clicking on the executable file mentioned above), you should review the documentation links found on the bottom left corner of the main installation screen.

  • Installation Help will take you to a page listing several support resources including installation types, licensing guides and links to popular troubleshooting pages for the Autodesk products you're installing.
  • System Requirements will take you to the Autodesk System Requirements Services & Support page mentioned above.
  • The Readme file contains information relating to installation as well as late-breaking information may not have made it into the final documentation.


Revit Architecture Services & Support - How to find your product request code

After you finally get it installed, we dare you to try and activate it.


You have just purchased an Autodesk software license and can't find the product request code to register and activate your product.


The product request code is required in order to register and activate your license and is generated automatically based on system-related information.  It is a combination of letters and numbers, which identifies your specific machine and the type and date of your activation request. The request code will appear in the following format.  Note: The code used below is for example only and is not a valid request code.


You can find your product request code directly from within the product.

Note: You can launch your Autodesk product in trial mode up for a period of up to 30 days (duration may vary by product).  After this grace period has expired, you must activate the product using a valid serial number in order to continue using it.

  1. Click on the Help drop down box in the top-right corner of the main menu and then select About.

  1. Click on Product Information in the About screen.

  1. Click on Activate in the Product License Information screen.

    Note: The product information shown below is for example only.  A serial number with all zeroes will start your product in trial mode. A valid serial number is required for activation.

  1. The activation wizard screen will appear.  Click Activate.

  1. Review and accept the Autodesk Privacy Policy so that you are aware how we use and protect any personal information that is collected during the activation and registration process.  You must check the box that you have read and agree to this policy before you can proceed.  Click Continue when you are ready.

  1. You will then see your product request code along with other product information, such as your serial number and product key.  If you are connected to the Internet, you can activate your product immediately by selecting Connect now and activate! and then click Next.  Your product request code is then sent to us and is used to create a unique activation code for your license.  

    Note: Your activation code cannot be re-used later in the event that re-activation is required.

  1. If you have already received an Activation code from us, click I have an activation code from Autodesk, enter the code in the boxes provided and then click Next.


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