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Friday, January 13, 2012

Autodesk: How to Configure your Network License Server

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You are setting up your network license and need to configure your server(s) so that it can run the Network License Manager and begin issuing your Autodesk licenses.


Setting up your Network License consists of four main steps; this guide will take you through the fourth and final step of configuring your network license server(s).

After you've planned your networkinstalled the Network License Manager (NLM) and obtained your network license file, the last step is to configure your server(s) to begin issuing your Autodesk licenses.

Create a Debug Log File

First, you will need to create a new folder where the NLM will write debug log files.  These files will contain information about how the NLM is running and is the first place you will want to check if there are problems getting a license or any other problems with your license server(s).

To create a debug log file:

  1. Create a new folder called "Logs", where you will save your log files.  It is recommended to save this folder to the C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager folder.
  1. Create a

    log file by opening up a new text file and changing the extension from".txt" to ".log".  You can name the file anything you want; however, it must end in ".log".

    Note: We recommend including "Autodesk" somewhere in the title.

Configure the License Server

Next, you will use the LMTOOLS utility to configure your license server so it can manage your Autodesk product licenses.

To configure your license:

  1. Open the LMTOOLS utility by clicking Start ➤ All Programs ➤ Autodesk ➤ Network License Manager ➤ LMTOOLS Utility.

  1. From the Service/License File tab, make sure the Configuration Using Services option is selected and then check the box next toLMTOOLS ignores license file path environment variables.

  1. Next, click on the Config Services tab.  In the Service Name drop down box, create a new service name that will manage your Autodesk licenses.

  1. Next, there are three paths that you will have to specify. 
  • Provide the Path to the lmgrd.exe file by clicking Browse, and selecting the appropriate file found in your Network License Manager folder.  Click Open.

  • Provide the Path to the License File by clicking Browse, and selecting the license file you obtained from Autodesk.  Click Open.

  • Provide the Path to the Debug Log File by clicking Browse, and selecting the debug log file you created earlier.  Click Open.

  1. Next, check the Use Services option and then check Start Server at Power Up.  This ensures that the license server will start automatically if the server has been rebooted for some reason, such as a power outage or maintenance.

    You must check the Use Services option first in order to enable the second check box.

  1. Click Save Services and Yes when the confirmation screen appears.

Start the License Server

Before closing the LMTOOLS Utility, you must start your license server so it can begin managing your network licenses.

To start the license server:

  1. In the LMTOOLS utility, click the Start/Stop/Reread tab.
  2. Make sure the correct server name is highlighted and then click Start Server.
  3. The license server will typically start within 30 seconds; you will know it has started once it says "Server Start Successful" in the LMTOOLS dialog box at the bottom of the screen.

Confirm the License Server is running

The final step is to confirm that the license server was configured and is running correctly.

  1. From the LMTOOLS Utility, click on the Server Status tab and then click Perform Status Enquiry.

  1. The enquiry may take a few seconds and will display several pieces of information in the status window.  Scroll down to check for the following two lines of information:
    • YourServerName : license server UP (MASTER) v11.9 – this line tells you that the license server is up and running and that it is running the latest version.
    • Adskflex: UP v11.9 – this line tells you that the license server has successfully read the license file, has found no errors and has started running the service.
    If you do not see these two lines, the license server was not started correctly.  Check to make sure you have correctly followed the steps above, as well as in the Obtain a License File stage.


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