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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

free technology preview of Project Vasari Now Downloadable Again

Considering it was 30 degrees in Florida last night, will you all please download this free program, learn how to make more energy efficient buildings and put some more insulation in your exterior walls.  My house was frikkin' freezing  last night!  It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming or not.  I'm tired of my body parts globally freezing.  It's the right thing to do to keep your clients from being uncomfortably numb because if the walls.  

BIM -It is Alive in the Lab


Project Vasari is our free technology preview of an easy-to-use, expressive design tool for creating building concepts with cloud-based analysis for energy and carbon. Designs created with Project Vasari can be opened in Revit.

// Learn more about Project Vasari on Autodesk Labs

I posted a new installer that corrects a minor problem with the license agreement. The functionality is the same. For those who have yet to try Project Vasari, please do so and share your opinions with us at labs.vasari@autodesk.com or the discussion forum.

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