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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Microsoft Windows Vista Support FAQ - The Revit Clinic

People are still using AutoCAD release 14, no one wants to upgrade their computers and Autodesk drops Vista support but maintains support of XP. I'm glad I moved to a Mac. We had such issues today with DotNet SP 3.5 service pack that was needed for our billing software. Problem ended up being lack of support for Internet Explorer 9. 

There's just no winning. Either your software is too old or too new. Windows just has too many choices of hardware and software and it has created a multi billion dollar industry for IT tech support. Get a Mac and do everything on the cloud or an iPad and you can focus on your work and not waiting 5 minutes for your 80s BIOS driven PC to boot up. 

Bye bye Vista. Hellos Windows 8 lack of support for Autodesk products. 

Microsoft Windows Vista Support FAQ

This is a very quick post for today.  Are you using Windows Vista and Autodesk software?  Please take a few minutes and check out our Micosoft Windows Vista Support FAQ.  It has important information regarding Autodesk products and Windows Vista.  

Even if your not a user of Windows Vista, I'd still recommend you should give it a read.    


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