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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More fun with 3D dimensions and visual rulers - Construction visual layout tool for Revit and Navisworks

I came up with an even crazier idea after making the Revit ruler.  I started to wonder about making some sort of pattern on walls so you could lay out cabinets, doors, outlets and other items.

While at lunch today with one of our resident Revit experts, I told him what I wanted to do.  I discussed editing walls and then adding components at certain heights.  So, tonight I decided o try to play around with this concept.

What I ended up with was even easier than I thought.
Start a Revit project.
Select generic 4" walls.
Edit the type
Edit the structure
Select the outer wall layer
Click the material category button
Select surface pattern
Select 12" tile
Click OK
Click OK
Click OK

Now in elevation views and especially any 3D view, you now have a grid to use to layout items.

You could even make a grid that would be every 4' so you could place doors with minimum disruption to drywall layout, thus helping save labor in just having to cut out one piece of drywall for a door instead of 2 sheets.  Imagine the possibilities of designing buildings to reduce waste and labor for the contractors.

You could create a line that would cut across the 18" horizontal mark to make it easy to place electrical outlets.  You could add a pattern that was every 20' for laying out wall light fixtures.  You could create a line at 4' above finish floor for the placement of the bottom of windows.

Just think at the number of different generic walls you could make to layout all sorts of things without having to worry about dimensions.  You can easily align any object to those grid lines as well.

What do you think?  Worst thing is...I never thought I'd have anything to do with hatch patterns in Revit, but they're perfect for 3D layout.  Who knew?


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