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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Layer - Color change not applied as expected. CAD is BIM!

This is just for you diehard Revit users.  Aren't you lad you don't have to deal with layers, colors and line weights anymore?  

Funniest thing below is the quote "two pieces of information (the change of the layer name, and the change of the layer color". Notice how they use the word information?  AutoCAD just be a BIM product if you can consider that layer names and layer colors are "information".   CAD is BIM!  Finally we can put that argument to rest and go on to the dynamic blocks are just like parametric families. 

When creating a new layer and changing its color, you may sometimes find that the color change is not applied as expected.

This can happen when you change the layer color while you are still in the editing mode for the layer name.


In this scenario, two pieces of information (the change of the layer name, and the change of the layer color) are sent to AutoCAD exactly at the same time.

On fast machines, this is not a problem, but on older machines that cannot compute the information as quickly, it can happen that only the first piece of the change (the change of layer name) is actually applied.

Our development team is looking into this already. In the mean time, if you run into this issue, you can work around it by making sure that you let the change of the layer name complete (just click once outside the layer name field) before changing the layer color.



J January 11, 2012 at 11:59 PM  

Ugh thats so wrong on many levels... Color and name may be info but so limited like the point you try to make... Keep trying, we will keep laughing

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