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Friday, January 13, 2012

Revit Architecture Services & Support - How to Install the Network License Manager


You're setting up your Autodesk Network License and need to install the Network License Manager.


Setting up your Network License consists of four main steps; this guide will take you through the second step of Installing the Network License Manager.

Although the images in this guide show AutoCAD 2012 as an example, the concepts and procedures apply to all Autodesk 2012 products.

After you have finished planning your network, you will have to install the Network License Manager (NLM) from the Autodesk Product Installer in the Tools & Utilities panel.  This can be done before or after you install the actual product(s) that will use it; however, you will not be able to run the NLM until you have obtained a network license file from Autodesk and configured your server(s).

To install the Network License Manager

  1. Launch the Tools & Utilities installer.  This can be done by clicking on the ".exe" executable file found in your Autodesk folder (for physical media) or the location where you saved your downloaded software.  Click on the Install Tools & Utilities panel.

  1. From the Configure Installation screen, check the box next to Network License Manager

  2. Take note of the Installation path, which is where the NLM will be saved once the download is complete.  If you wish to change this location, you can click Browse and select the location of your choice.

  3. Click Install to proceed.

    Note: You may see other tools & utilities that are also available for download, which you can choose to install at this time or wait until you install the actual product.

  1. When the Installation Complete screen appears, you have successfully installed the NLM on your system.  Click Finish to close the installer window.

Note: If an earlier version of the NLM is already installed on your computer, it is best to install the most current version by saving it into your existing Network License Manager folder.

You are now ready to obtain a network license file from Autodesk.



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