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Friday, January 27, 2012

Using Annotation from Linked Views & Troubleshooting Missing Annotation - Revit Clinic

BIM -The Revit Clinic

By default you can utilize annotation, such as dimensions \ room tags \ text \ etc, from a linked model view in the host model view.  Under Visibility \ Graphic Overrides > Revit Links, you can set the link to By Linked View or Custom:


When you select a linked view that contains annotation, it should display in the host model:


However if you find the annotation missing from the linked view, there are a few common items to confirm which I have organized below:

1.  Is the Linked View Parallel to the Host View?

One of the most common causes of this behavior.  Say you have a section view in the host model, which cuts through the linked model.  In the host section view, you set the link to use a view containing annotation.  However the host section view is not parallel to the linked section view:



2.  Linked Model Rotated?

Similar to #1, is the linked model slightly skewed in the host model?  For example if the host and link should both be horizontal, zoom in to confirm they are parallel.  If this were the case the annotation would not display:


3.  Visibility \ Graphic Overrides Set Visible?

If set to By Linked View or Custom, the linked model geometry will not be using the host visibility settings by default.  In this case it is important to open Visibility / Graphic Overrides, and confirm the specific annotation categories are visible:


4.  Element in Link Hidden in Host?

This one is easy to overlook; let's take the following example:

-You tab-select annotation in a linked model [from the host model view]
-Right-click > Hide in View > Category
-This hides the specific annotation category from the link
-You later check the V/G > Revit Links > Display Settings and confirm the category is visible but does not appear in the model

When you hide categories in this manner Revit creates custom display settings for the link instance.

You can confirm this under Visibility / Graphic Overrides  > Revit Links > Display Settings.  When you tab-select and hide a category in the link, the link name should be expanded to show that link instance and it should read Custom:


Let me know if you can add any additional examples!


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