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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

VEO™ Preview - Videos #BIM

Talk about disruptive technology! VEO is almost ready to be released into the real world. I like to describe it as Googleizing BIM. There's so much more to BIM than Revit and BIM isn't about the software and technology, it's about the people. But, it's about the people using software and technology to improve the design, construction and management processes. You've been warned. You must start spending time researching this stuff, because your clients are and if you don't have the full BIM skill set, you may as well be update your AutoCAD hatch patterns.

VEO™ Preview

Thanks for your interest in M-SIX. Here's a 3 minute preview of the first wave of apps built on the VEO™ Platform.
Connection Speed:Video Size:Resolution:
Very Slow (500 Kbps)Tiny478 x 268
Small640 x 360
Medium960 x 540 <-- Best choice for most
Very Fast (30 Mbps)Large - HD1280 x 720
HTML 5 (iPhone / iPad)
iPhone478 x 268
iPhone / iPad640 x 360
iPad960 x 540
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