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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Article: Architect Who Designed and Built Home in Which Firefighter Died Is Charged in Manslaughter Case

I don't envy the responsibility you have make sure that every detail is covered and the pressure you have to deal with. It doesn't matter what software you use.  What matters is the quality of your designs, the integrity of the systems and that you make the best use of experience, knowledge and efficient use of your time. You can't afford to cut corners or expect that someone else will catch your mistakes. Letting it be someone else's problem may end up being your problem.  It's sad and unfortunate what you'll read below some will apologize for the lecture. Let's just hope that something like this never happens again and we all do what we can to make a difference. 

A German architect who designed and oversaw the construction of a Hollywood Hills mansion in which a Los Angeles firefighter died last year has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Gerhard Albert Becker, 48, was arrested Saturday when he arrived at the Los Angeles airport from Spain and is being held without bail. He is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to KABC and the L.A. Now blog of the Los Angeles Times.

Authorities contend the home contained an 18-foot fire trough that was the source of the fatal blaze. It allegedly melted plastic sprinkler pipes in the attic, which flooded the ceiling insulation and then caused the ceiling to collapse due to the weight of the water. Firefighter Glenn Allen, 61, died in the blaze, and others were injured.

The article doesn't include any comment from Becker or his counsel.


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