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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Autodesk at TED: Social Space and Fight Club: IDEAS Cage Matches

in honor of TED, I think we should rename Autodesk University.  After all, Universities are for the elitist snobs and we're just regular people busting our butts day and night to earn a living and keep the doors open. So, AU should be about us. It will focus on Design, Engineering, Building And Technology better known as DEBT. 

With the rebranding, the only way to get into DEBT is to use Autodesk products.  There will be different class levels. The longer you've been using them and greater number of Autodesk products you use, the deeper into DEBT you can get. Just imagine all you'll learn once you've gotten into DEBT. The longer you're in DEBT, the more you can thank Autodesk for their sponsorship and being the main reason your in DEBT in the first place. Without 30 years of Autodesk products, there would be no DEBT. 

You can look forward to seeing all of your friends and peers in DEBT. While you're at the event, be sure to go to the All Unable to Generate Income (AUGI) events as well. 

I'm looking forward to getting as many Autodesk products and subscription this year and look forward to seeing all of you do the same and being in DEBT and personally thanking all of the Autodesk people who made it all possible. 

It will be a nonprofit event. Aren't most architecture firms nonprofit anyway?  DEBT will always strive to be a nonprofit organization. We will be looking for other partners like Dell, HP, Microsoft, Nvidia and many other technology companies to support you in DEBT and all of your endeavors. 

For mor information about how to get into DEBT, go to Autodesk.com or contact your local unauthorized Autodesk reseller.
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BIM -It is Alive in the Lab

It's Wednesday, so today's TED schedule includes:


As I mentioned for the past two days, TED is a nonprofit that started out centered on Technology, Entertainment, and Design but whose charter has since expanded to cover most aspects of the human condition. The TED conference is being held in Long Beach, California this week. As a Design software company with Technology that serves many industries (including the Entertainment industry), Autodesk is actually one of TED's largest partners.

On Monday I covered the Master Classes. Yesterday I covered the exhibits in the Autodesk Social Space. Today I'll talk about Fight Club: IDEAS Cage Matches. I am reminded of Monty Python's "I'd like to have an argument..." skit. From its name, I am certainly reminded of the movie Fight Club. Think of a cage match as a civilized combination of the two. The nickname for the matches is Grey Matter Smackdown. These are patterned after the sessions we conducted at Autodesk University (AU):

The TED Fight Club: IDEAS Cage Match is a fun, dynamic, colorful event in which pairs of debaters ("fighters"), several current and past TED speakers, argue for opposite sides of a single question. They do this in a mock boxing ring - with over the top smoke effects, lighting, and campy commentary. Though the form of the event is total pop culture, the content is substantial, thoughtful, and leaves the audience entertained, engaged, and most importantly, thinking.

Our aim is to create an event that reflects the spirit of TED - lively, thought-provoking and unexpected. Typically the TED conference format consists of tightly scripted presentations with no questions. Whereas TED promotes "Ideas worth sharing," the Cage Match is about "Discussions worth having."



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