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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Autodesk - AutoCAD Architecture Services & Support - AutoCAD Architecture 2012 AEC Dimension Hotfix

Happy 30th birthday Autodesk.  After 30 years, you'd think you'd get all of the bugs worked out of Your programs.  Don't market that your software improves productivity when the software crashes kill productivity. 

AutoCAD Architecture 2012 AEC Dimension Hotfix

This hotfix repairs performance and display problem when opening drawings containing certain AEC dimensions. And also fixes a crash issue when saving drawings containing some kinds of AEC dimensions.
Please ensure that Update 1 for AutoCAD Architecture 2012 is installed before you apply this hotfix.

Please review the readme document for installation instructions.

Readme (htm - 4Kb)
aca2012_dimension_hotfix_x86.zip (zip - 612Kb)
aca2012_dimension_hotfix_x64.zip (zip - 832Kb)


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