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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy GadgetsMine Day

Arghhh.....If i see another commercial from Kayes Jewelers about buying that someone special diamonds for Valentines day......

Why do they make you feel so guilty?  It was only two short months ago that the commercials made you feel guilty for not buying your insignificant other a Lexus and have it parked in the driveway with a ribbon on top.

The only thing I want with a ribbon on top for today is a copy of Revit Architecture 2013 and Navisworks Manage 2013.  Yes, for those of you who care about your gadgets, widgets, tech toys, tools, plugins, programs, hardware, software, chargers, cables, apps, tablets, phones and various bluetooth devices, I hereby dub today, Gadgets Mine Day.  Those greeting card, jewelry, candy and fancy restaurants have it all wrong.  It should be Apple, Dell, Belkin, Motorola and other tech companies that should be grabbing your dollars today.

Come on.  Do you really want some roses that are $200 for a dozen flowers that will be dead in 4 days?  For $200, I'd get a portable rechargeable battery for my iPhone, $200 worth of new iPad apps, a software program or just anything that will last me at least a year (or 4 days until a newer version comes out).

Do you spend more time with your iPhone or Android phone than you do with your spouse?  Do you read email while standing at the urinal?  I was at an event recently and I was in the bathroom.  There was some guy sitting on the toilet and having a conversation with someone about when they're going to be hanging drywall on a project.  I thought, what a jerk.  Couldn't he wait until he was out of the bathroom?  I'm embarrassed to say that with the echo of the bathroom, I didn't recognize it to be my brother who was the person on the phone.  It was only when he came out of the bathroom behind me that realized that.

I love my gadgets.  I've had too many over the years to remember all of their names.  I've had very special relationships with many of them.  I thought about them all of the time.  I still have some of their chargers in a special drawer.  Of course, I have no idea which power cord goes into which hole, but some were very short lived relationships and all chargers and transformers look the same after a while.

Some gadget relationships are very painful.  They'll leave you, like my tiny bluetooth headset from Jawbone that was easily misplaced.  There were the portable hard drives that died in the middle of an important project.  I'll never forget that first Iomega Zip Drive click of death sound.

Of course, there's always a newer, faster, thinner or sexier model just around the corner.  Do you envy your friends that have an iPhone 4S while you only have a 3.  Do you consider leaving your old phone for a newer model?  How do you think that will make it feel? To be dumped after all it did for you.  Can you really not have a long term commitment to a piece of electronics?  Do you want to have Siri softly whisper into your ear about how she can help you and make your life more efficient?

Are you constantly trying to find a better notebook app for your iPad?  Do you constantly search online for a newer version or one that makes your life more enjoyable?  Do you constantly check your battery life on your phone to see if it will make a commitment to you to stay around for the whole day?

To heck with sending my wife a $4 Valentines Day card that will end up in the trash tomorrow.  I'm going to buy myself a 2 terrabyte portable hard drive (and of course, name her Terry).  I'll keep Terry close by, lovingly and gently pushing my data in and out of her spinning platters and she will give me months of joy.  That is of course until the price of a terabyte SDD drive comes down to a reasonable price.  Then Terry will be tossed into a drawer and I'll spot her innocently at the bottom of a drawer a few years from now and remember the fond times we had together.

So, happy Gadgets Mine Day to you and to heck with your spouse.  Buy yourself something special.  Of course you'll get yelled at, but with those noise canceling headphones you just bought yourself, you'll ony see her lips moving and not hear a word.  That's what makes today special.

PS.  After I wrote this, I went over to my iPhone and saw the strangest screen.  I totally forgot that last night I bought aTimeTool, a jailbreak app that will open apps at a certain time, send text messages at a certain time or turn on or off services when you want.  I had set up Weather HD to launch at 8:00 AM every day.  aTimeTool, I think I love you.

PPS.  Come to think of it, my wife is always yelling at me for buying new gadgets, wasting money on toys and I think she's just jealous.  If she only understood how special these devices are to me and could only relate to how my iCobra radar detector connects via bluetooth to my iPad or iPhone while driving and shows me all of the photo enforcement intersections, she'd understand that those gadgets also keep me safe and from getting tickets.  That's just more money to spend on gadgets.  I did get her a beautiful orchid plant.  If you do happen to live in South Florida and are reading this, the most awesome flower shop with orchids that flower for up to 3 months is called J & V Flowers - 305.861.3735.  Ask for Nick and tell him Gregory sent you.  Forget roses.  At least orchids last a long time and keep blooming over and over.

Here's a link to those orchids on our back porch that all bloomed at the same time.  I hope you like my photography skills.


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