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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New structural content for Revit Structure is available

This brings up an valuable reminder.  Do you log into subscription center and look for Revit goodies?  Yesterday we were working on a project where we wanted to bring a building into Google Earth.  There's the Google Earth plugin for Revit.  You can export your model and import it into Google Maps or Google Earth and see your building in 3D and navigate around the planet.
Of course, we did run into problems where we couldn't get the building to sit on top of the exact proposed building location, but I'm working on figuring that out.  We put in the correct coordinates but between the survey point, address and position, something was off.  I'll go and Google it before I waste more time on it.

There's some cool plugins available at http://subscription.autodesk.com....if you're on subscription.  Each person with a seat of software should be able to get a login to access the tools.
Dear Revit Structure users,
We have just uploaded some new country specific, structural .rfa content and templates in the Subscription Center for you to download.
The delivery inludes content for Brazil, Russia and Spain.
The Content Pack provides structural engineers with access to additional content and families based on respective market requirements helping structural engineers to streamline the design and analysis process and access the components they need.  
Please log into the Subscription Center in order to access the new content libraries.
Your feedback will be well appreciated


Luke Johnson February 2, 2012 at 6:27 PM  

As the comments to his post show, there is no content when some people login to Subscription Center...

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