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Saturday, March 31, 2012

AUGIWorld March 2012 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques | BLAUGI Blog of Autodesk User Group International

There's only one thing better than knowing that the latest edition of AUGIWorld magazine has been published and that's the fact that there's a great Revit article by the Jay Zallan.

The only thing better than that is that I'm lucky enough to be listed as a Revit resource in the article, along with some great other Revit BIM bloggers and tweeters.

Click here to go to a page listing all of the tweeters above to quickly add them to your follow list.  Warning, it will take a minute or so to load since it's updating data from Twitter if you're logged in to Twitter.

Link: Tweeters To Follow - AUGI recommended
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AUGIWorld March 2012 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques | BLAUGI Blog of Autodesk User Group International

Autodesk product users - be they newbies or veterans - need tips & tricks. These little helpers allow users to work around a problem, to find a different means to an end so the work can continue to flow.
Fortunately, there is no shortage of places to find great tips & tricks. They are the subject of entire classes at Autodesk University, they abound on the blogosphere and in online discussion groups, they reside in the help menus of multiple software products, and they are here - in the March 2012 issue of AUGIWorld.
AW201203-200x260Murray Clack leads it off with "AutoCAD Tricks for MText: Beyond the Basics." In "10 Time Savers for AutoCAD Architecture," Melinda Heavrin delivers some serious productivity boosting tips. And Christopher Fugitt shares the documented and undocumented tricks for AutoCAD Civil 3D in "Stop and Smell the Tricks!"
Also in the March 2012 issue of AUGIWorld:
Gaining Ground in AEC – William Campbell compels you to take a closer look at AutoCAD MEP and discusses why it is rapidly becoming more accepted in the industry as an intelligent, parametric-based design tool for BIM industry leaders.
Everyday Tips & Tricks for Inventor – Inventor is easy to use, says author John Evans, but that doesn't mean users won't benefit from usage tips. He shares some of his favorites.
The Ultimate Revit Hand: Every Revit Tip, Trick, Technique & Workaround (known & unknown) - Author Jay Zallan delivers on the promise of this article's title in a surprising way.
Download the most recent issue:
March 2012
Helpful Hint: To view, simply click the provided link and the pdf will open. To download, perform a right mouse click while hovering on the link. Select "Save Target As..." then choose the place to save the file on your hard drive in the pop-up window.

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