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Friday, March 23, 2012

Navisworks 2013 Best New Feature

Wow. contractors are going to love this.

Revit Interoperability
  • Native RVT file reader
  • Hierarchy representation
  • Category, family, type, instance
  • Improved level association
  • Subparts named by material

...and some more BIM technology from our friends...

Here's a new product from Orange Construction Technology
It's called VCAM and sits on the Navisworks engine.  It's another cool piece of technology for you to take a look at.

CAD Independent 3D Models

VCAM uses the powerful AutoDesk NavisWorks® graphics engine to search, navigate, and view models. VCAM automatically reads all model attributes, saved views and any other data contained in the .nwd and.nwf files.

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