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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New technology? Who cares? What's Important?

In light of the new Autodesk 2013 products releasing today, several things happened that make me wonder if any of this matters?

My father called me that he couldn't open Firefox.  I tried to talk him through the typical parent/child tech support, and as I was getting more frustrated, he finally found the tiny program window that somehow went from full size to 1/4" x 1/4".  He's 78 years old, has an iPhone, an iPad 3 and I'll keep trying to be patient with phone support.  I did have a thought though.  You know how you wonder at what age you need to take the car keys away from your aging parents.  Well, at what age do you take away the keyboard too?

Next, although I was afraid to look out of fear of extreme jealousy, the president of our company got an iPad 3 last week.  I asked him if he liked it and noticed a difference.  He said it seemed a little faster, but the screen looked the same.  I hope he doesn't read this post, and I'm not saying anything bad, but principals of firms are interesting in their interactions with technology.

Lastly, and for this one, I will always harass her, you with the initials CB.  Today, we rolled out our new broadband.  We went from a 1.5 mpbs T1 line to 100 mpbs cable modem.  That means files download over 66 times faster.  When I was in my bosses office today, I asked her how she liked the faster internet.  She said she didn't notice a difference in speed.  Argghhhh!!!!  When she was downstairs later in the BIM department, I asked everyone to tell her how happy they were with the awesomely faster broadband.  They were ecstatic.  The reality is, if you're not uploading and downloading huge Revit files, you really wouldn't notice much of a speed difference, but I would never tell her that publicly because she did one up me today on a BIM FM software program that I didn't know about.  Arghhhh!!!!

What's my point?  If you can't notice a window, incredible high resolution screen or 66 times faster internet, will you notice any of the new features of the Autodesk products today?

I guess it's the fact that some of us love every new morsel of new technology, go crazy for every incremental increase in speed, can't wait for every new feature of our favorite products to roll out or just to get our hands on the latest gadget.  There are early adopters, those in the middle and the laggards.

We all have a place in the world.  We all have things we love and just don't care about.  My principals have amazing qualities and business savvy, so who cares if they don't notice the things that I do.  They just know that I do notice these things and that's what they hired me for.  They know what's important for the company, the team and themselves.

I'm sure that some of the features, reviews, products and hype that starts today with the 2013 release will be important to you.  It is important to me to share with you all of my knowledge and passion for BIM and technology.  It's an important day today.  Lastly, it's important to me to apologize to those I upset in the last few days, even if they made erroneous assumptions (special thanks to Jay Z for a very relieving conversation).  There's much more to the backstory than you'll ever know, but I hope we're all in a happier place right now.

It's 12:00 AM. Do you know where your software is?


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