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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

nora | Revit Materials Library for flooring.

This will really floor you. 


Your Revit Materials Libraries

This collection of Revit Materials Libraries offers over 300 variations of nora rubber flooring in different colors, styles and textures. Using these virtual materials, you can better realize your creative vision with compellingly detailed digital models.

Select from the libraries below to download the materials you need to plan your next project.

(NOTE: After downloading and unzipping, please open theRead Me (PDF 61 KB) file for important instructions.)

  nora® rubber flooring

norament® flooring

norament® grano (ZIP 335 MB)
norament® luxor (ZIP 25 MB)
norament® round (ZIP 109 MB)
norament® hammered (ZIP 35 MB)
norament® serra (ZIP 135 MB)
norament® strada (ZIP 144 MB)
norament® 920 (meets special fire requirements) (ZIP 16 MB)
norament® 992 (extremely wear resistant) (ZIP 7 MB)

noraplan® flooring

noraplan® degree (ZIP 99 MB)
noraplan® eco (ZIP 42 MB)
noraplan® environcare™ (ZIP 1 GB)
noraplan® logic (ZIP 103 MB)
noraplan® mega (ZIP 124 MB)
noraplan® uni (ZIP 104 MB)

nora® rubber flooring


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