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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A positive attitude is a must!

I was just reading a job posting at an architecture firm. No,not for me...I was just poking around their website from a linked page. 

Anyway, in the job requirements,there's a funny line. It's of the what they say and what they mean department. When a job posting says a positive attitude is a must it really means you're going to have an asshole for a boss, the company culture sucks, you'll work really long hours with  unskilled cubicle mates, and of course, you'll get crap for a paycheck.  But, aside from that, just be happy you have a job in an architecture field, right Bryan?

Sounds like a lot like your firm, doesn't it....of course we're only talking about CAD firms aren't we?  Of course, with so many contractors moving to BIM, why work for an architecture firm if you've got the Revit skills to move you to a bigger paycheck. 

Job Requirements:
  • Extremely responsible and able to work independently
  • Must be very computer literate
  • Able to multi-task and stay VERY organized
  • A Positive Attitude is a MUST


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