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Friday, March 23, 2012

Revit / 3ds Max New Feature - 3ds Max imports .RVT files directly #Revit2013

You no longer have to convert your Revit files into FBX before importing them into 3ds Max Design.
Revit files (.RVT) can now be directly imported into the 3ds Max Design 2013, and users can select a data view of choice to load from within the Revit file.


a little more technology for you to look at....

Autodesk provides cloud rendering.  Here's another option for you to check out.


RevUp COSMOS Cloud Workstation                              

VCS (Virtual Cloud System) for graphically intense design applications

RevUp COSMOS allows you to have your own high end workstation and use it from any location anywhere in the world.

We are a new kind of computer company. Instead of getting a computer on your desk you get a computer that lives in the cloud. The cloud workstation is just like having your own cutting edge desktop workstation at your location except that it always has the optimal amount of CPU's, RAM, and GPU's to operate each software product to maximum performance potential.
COSMOS Single HPC server Specs:
  • Intel Quad-core and Six-Core Processors
  • 24+ Gigabytes of system RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla series GPU (graphic processing units)
  • Super I/O Data Access System (Solid State Live Storage) - Redundant Disaster Recovery
  • Windows 7 64bit operating system
  • or
  • Linux operating system
Operating System depends on use case
COSMOS POD is a cluster of multiple COSMOS HPC servers

COSMOS is a multi-user platform with both dedicated and shared hardware resources

10 or more users per single system - Ability to scale to 100's or 1000's of users per HPC server cluster!

Contact Us for pricing info or

List of applications tested for functionality and performance on RevUp COSMOS

Autodesk Revit
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk AutoCAD
Autodesk NavisWorks
McNeel Rhino3D
Google SketchUp
This list is by no means complete. RevUp COSMOS is a cross-platform based system and will run any Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Unix/Linux or other x86 compatible applications
Disclaimer: RevUp COSMOS user must agree to use their own license(s) during Sign-Up of the respected software being used on the RevUp COSMOS system. Logos of Autodesk, Adobe or any other companies belong to their respected owners and RevUp Render, Inc. does not claim any partnership or association with them unless otherwise stated on RevUp Render Partner Directory.


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